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Hi! I'm Laura 👋
Nice to meet you

I am a content designer with experience in content strategy, UX writing and information architecture.
My mission is to create meaningful, inclusive content-driven experiences that delight and inspire.

Over the past 10 years, I helped global brands create meaningful content experiences that delighted and inspired millions of people.

Guided by good intuition and an inquisitive mind, I worked on the ideation, creation and launch of multiple campaigns and products, in collaboration with design and product teams. 

Working through ambiguity and tackling large-scale issues has helped me develop a knack for working smarter, not harder. I

streamline my work where I can to leave room for deep work. I thrive in highly collaborative environments. I believe creativity benefits from good relationships and constructive feedback.


I value authenticity, kindness, curiosity, and compassion above most things and I am a storyteller at heart. Books, films, traveling and adventure keep me dreaming. 

I worked with

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